Large Group Dice Tray

Style: Dice Tray/Dice Mat
Finish: Danish Oil


Large Wooden Group Dice Tray/Mat

This lovely wooden group Dice Tray is ideal for the centre of the table allowing you and your friends to roll your dice in style.
The Handmade wooden tray surrounding the rubber Mat means no more scrambling on the floor searching for your dice when somebody takes an enthusiastic roll.

The Dice tray comes fully supplied with a removable rubber mat insert as well as wooden dice surround tray. This means you can purchase further mats of alternative designs celebrating the season or your latest campaign victory! Using the printed rubber mat within the tray allows the dice to roll rather than bounce and noise is kept to a minimum.
Rolling on this mat is truly a pleasure.

Upon request upgrades can be added such as engraving along the sides of the wooden surround tray at additional cost.

Measurements Tray Surround: 46.5cm in length by 27.5cm in width and 3.5cm deep.
Measurements Rubber Insert: 44cm in length by 25cm in width and a thickness of 1.5mm

NOTE: The dice are demo purposes only and are not included in the listing.

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