Hardback Book Glorious Taverns



Tabletop roleplaying adventures take many forms, and involve characters of various races, classes, and statuses. You could barge into a hundred campaigns, and never find one that is exactly the same. Yet for their plethora of differences, most, if not all, share one common denominator. One nucleus. One cog around which their many-spoked wheels turn. Taverns.

Because of the integral role taverns play in a majority of tabletop campaigns, Team Critit alongside Steve M. & Nick D. (East Coast Slayers) has embarked on a journey of their own, to compile a text of various taverns to meet the needs of Game Masters and tabletop players the world over, a need that is yet to be addressed in the world of tabletop gaming. Now, with the flip of a page, you can place your players in one of many fully-detailed, region-specific taverns, complete with detailed floor plans, stunning artwork, and dozens of original non-player-characters, including iconic bards and two new monsters.

At the locations presented within this compendium, we can guarantee that your experience will be nothing short of glorious.

200+ pages

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