Monster Tokens

Please note here the ten tokens you would like to receive.


These Monster Combat Tokens are a great alternative to Miniatures and are ideal for the travelling player or DM!

Bag details

  • Bag dimensions: 10cm x 14cm 
  • Engraved wooden disc attached to bag
  • Made from a soft hessian 

Token details

  • 10 monster combat tokens 
  • Made from clear red acrylic 
  • Choose from a wide range of monsters (see options below)
  • Tokens sized to fit square inch battle map
  • Includes an enlarged template to represent a large creature (also suitable for use with any miniature that uses a 1" round base)
  • All monster tokens are sized by monster rule book size category 


Current Monster token options: 

Goblin (Medium)

Orc (Medium)

Gnoll (Medium)

Hobgoblin (Medium)

Kobold (Medium)

Lizardmen (Medium)

Manticore (Large)

Minotaur (Large)

Mummy (Medium)

Ogre (Large)

Owlbear (Large)

Rustmonster (Medium)

Skeleton (Medium)

Troglodyte (Medium)

Troll (Large)

Werewolf (Medium)

Wraith (Medium)

Zombie (Medium)

Yeti (Large)

Ettin (Large)

Bugbear (Medium)

Eyemonster (Large)

Vampire (Medium)

Yuanti Abomination (Large)

Giant Eagle (Large)

Dire Wolf (Large)

Brown Bear (Large)

Wyvern (Large)

Bandit (Medium)

Insect Swarm (Medium)

Enlarged Token Template

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