Large Advance Character Class Dice Box

Colour: Lt Teak
Class: Assassin


This large dice box is perfect for storing dice sets, gaming notes or other accessories! With an advance class symbol and saying of your choice, this box comes in 8 different finishes so you can make it unique to you!

  • Dimensions: 18cm x 9.5cm x 6cm
  • Holds up to 115 dice
  • Fastens with metal latch
  • Coated with a layer of Danish oil
  • 13 advance class designs to choose from
  • 8 colour finishes


*Class sayings*


I am the whisper on the wind, the shadow in the darkness, I am death, I am an assassin.


Unhinged? Preposterous I prefer innovator ahead of his time.


My Lords word is law, and his word calls for your death.


Some envy my powers, they are naive I never asked for this curse.


I know not where my power comes from but if you cross me you will find that I know how to use them.


You stand for nothing, step aside or be driven before me.


I pronounce you heretic. Burn by the firey will of my god.


Its not me you need to worry about its my friend there behind you that will cause problems.


I have lived more years than I can count, I have bathed in the blood of kings, I am the hunter and you are my prey.


My honor is my life disrespect my honor and you shall not live another day.


Some say I lack focus in my studies I say that they lack the ability to multitask.


My Bullet shall pierce your lies.


My lifesblood will be your undoing.

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