• Initiative Tracker

    Initiative Tracker

    We all know how hard and important it can be keeping a good organiesed RPG Table. Keep track of all Character and NPCs/Encounters with this easy to use initiative tracker. Simply place the order of initiatives into the main holder and never forget the a turn again.

    The Initiative tracker will sit sturdy on the table and can be removed from its base. This item comes supplied with 12 plaques/tokens that can easily be removed or placed into its sockets.
    Each plaque is engraved with Player 1 - 5 with 1 Companion token and Monster 1 - 5 with 1 Boss token.

    The Base and Plaque/Tokens are made from solid English Oak and the main board from Birch Faced ply wood finished off with a coat of Danish oil then buffed to slight sheen.

    Measurement: 20cm in width by 25cm tall, tokens 7.5cm long and 2cm wide


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