• Add-On Scenery for RPG Battle Mats - Dungeon Decorations

    Attention Adventurers! These reusable Dungeon Decals will keep your party rolling through any and every encounter as your adventure can be personalised in seconds!

    These static clings will work on any laminated RPG map to instantly add doors, furniture, treasure, traps and many more details!

    This set contains over a hundred static cling decals to customise your laminated battle mat.



    Quick and Easy Battle Mat Customisation

    The Add-On Scenery for RPG Battle Mats is a fantastic addition to any Game Master’s toolkit. Designed to enable super quick customisation to any laminated Battle Mat, this tool hugely reduces game preparation time.

    • Saves time preparing for games - just add points of interest!
    • 100+ Decals
    • Looks amazing - better than markers
    • Can be instantly added mid encounter
    • Can be used with any fantasy RPG!
    • Perfect companion to The Dungeon Books of Battle Mats

    Add Instant Detail to Your Dungeons

    The Add-On Scenery for RPG Battle Mats - Dungeon Decorations has been designed to work alongside our Battle Mat Book range, and has these key features:

    • Pack of 5 sheets of 100+ reusable static clings
    • Use to adapt & personalise RPG maps
    • Fantasy Themed
    • Ideal for dungeon encounters
    • Reduces game preparation time
    • Eliminates the need to draw on maps in game
    • Instantly expand your encounter options
    • Reusable and durable
    • Drawn in a matching style to the Dungeon Books of Battle Mats
    • Endless options



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