Viable Options for Polymorph – Part 2

Viable Options for Polymorph – Part 2 

Okay, so in Part 1 I talked about a couple good scouting options. I forgot to mention that there are other really good scouting options. The bat and hawk are just two that I’ve used in-game and truly enjoyed. Of course, there are other really good options, and some others that you might have used. 

In Part 2, I’ll be talking about Stealth options. I really really really wanted to keep Combat separate from Stealth, but I can’t help myself. There are some options that will allow you stealth, but also will help you in combat as well. Because, as we all know, every group has that clunky tank who just can’t keep quiet. 

Straight up Stealth:

Going for stealth alone, without the flare or flash? That’s perfectly fine. The Cat is the best choice, in my opinion. Unassuming, and with a stealth bonus of +4, it will usually go undetected in most scenarios. In other words, the cat won’t be the reason your party is detected. It also has a Passive Perception of 13, and it’s Keen Smell grants it advantage on Perception checks that rely on smell, so it could also make a formidable scout. It won’t be doing any combat for you with its whopping 2 hit points, but if you’re looking to sneak around corners and go undetected, especially in a dark dungeon where senses other than sight could be useful, this furry little ninja is your safest bet. 

Spicy Stealth: These creatures exhibit stealth but can pack a little punch if called upon, whether with their abilities or combat prowess. 

The Giant Wolf Spider is an interesting choice for a stealthy form. Again, it won’t be doing much fighting, as it only has 11 hit points, but it does have some neat features going for it. For starters, it has a Stealth bonus of +7, with blindsight up to 10 ft and darvision up to 60 ft. It has access to Spider Climb, and its bite can potentially deal 2d6 poison damage on a failed save or half on a successful one. So, not a slouch especially against lower level adversaries, but again, combat options are coming up in Part 3. 

Your party on the water? The Giant Crocodile is quiet, and pretty powerful if things go south. With a Stealth bonus of +5, swim speed of 50 ft and walking speed of 30 ft, it can move, and move discretely. It can be underwater for up to 30 minutes, while delivering a multi-attack if forced into combat. Said attacks are as follows: Bite, +8 to hit and a formidable 3d10 + 5 piercing damage if landed. On top of that, it’s target is grappled barring a successful DC 16 save. HOW is this guy not in the combat section? Oh, and its tail attack can hit anyone not grappled by its powerful jaws, with another +8 to hit and dealing 2d8 +5 bludgeoning damage. Any creature struck must succeed on a DC 16 save or be knocked prone. Wow!

 Stealth Honorable Mentions: The following are also amazing choices for a little spicy stealth. 

  1. Great Owl (pg. 327)
  2. Giant Octopus (pg. 326)

I hope you explore some of these options in your campaign and please let me know how it goes! Maybe your party celebrates your creativity, or maybe your DM destroys your party in a hellish inferno. Either way, please share!

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