Separating Gaming from Reality

If you’re competitive like my friends and me…If you’re accustomed to losing your cool when boardgames or card games go awry…then you might want to check out this disclaimer. Dungeons and Dragons will certainly test your patience, and at times your temper. But it shouldn’t apply stress to your body or your friendships. I’ve been a part of groups where in-game roleplaying has led to actual severing of friendships. That kind of outcome is not only immature, but unfortunate. One thing you have to remember is as follows:

Good players play to their character. You could have the nicest guy or gal in the world playing a chaotic evil character, and if they’re doing it right, they won’t give a hoot who’s standing in front of them when they cast a fireball or a thunderwave. Your best friend since Kindergarten could be your DM, and if their game calls for it, they may put you in a position where your character falls into death saves or actually dies. It’s all part of the game. Leave your ego at the door and don’t take anything personally. Your friend didn’t do that to you; their character did that to yours. It’s as simple as that. And in Dungeons and Dragons, some days you’re the dog, and some days you’re the hydrant. 

Be well and roll high! 

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