Roll The Damn Dice, who are we?

Hello, we are Roll The Damn Dice, a Gloucestershire-based Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play podcast and YouTube series made up of people with all sorts of backgrounds; actors, filmmakers, sound engineers, artists, singer-songwriters, stand-up comics, production designers and a plumber. We have been producing TTRPG content since August 2020, which started as a small group of friends trying to keep connected and entertained during the UK lockdowns. Since then, our small group has grown and we have ended up being featured at MCM Comic Con London and Birmingham, and the Cheltenham Literature Festival.


You can check some the highlights of our Comic Con live show here: 


Our aim with Roll The Damn Dice was to create an actual play series that felt genuine and to give viewers the experience of a group of friends sat around a table playing TTRPGs. Although this could never be a true substitute for a real game, we thought this could be the closest way for somebody to enjoy a TTRPG (especially without the near-impossible task of getting a group together whose schedules all lineup)!


Our current campaign follows a group of misfits and ne’er-do-wells as they attempt to save a child from the depths of Hell, whilst also facing their own family dramas. We always strive to create an exciting story, with interesting and complex characters, in a deep and rich setting. We love creating funny and light-hearted moments, but are also not afraid to get serious when needed.


You can start our current season here: 


We also want to encourage new players into the community by giving them a place to start. Not only is our show a fun watch for people with absolutely zero TTRPG experience, we have also created a series called How To D&D which teaches the fundamentals of D&D in short, concise, bite-sized videos. This is a series we will be continually adding to, and are open to any suggestions of topics our audience wish to see explained.


You watch our How To D&D series here: 


You can catch Just Us League S3 on Fridays at 8pm GMT on YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also find all of our socials and other links here: 


Written by Toni Shaw. 

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